Page 15 - Make The Right Move
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Boost your Property Appeal
Maintain a lush lawn
Sweep walkways and driveway, remove branches, litter or toys Spruce up plantings, trees
and shrubbery
Pressure clean exterior
Clean and repair patio and deck Remove any outdoor furniture if in less than good condition
Ensure pool or spa sparkles Repair roof, broken windows and shutters; replace torn screens; ensure frames and seams have solid caulking
Touch up exterior paint
Repair gutters
Polish all exterior hardware Routine A/C inspection, including filter replacement
Paint the front door
Add a new front doormat
Replace doorbell, if necessary
Prepare walls in a warm,
neutral palette
Professionally steam clean carpet Polish hardwood floors and/or refinish if necessary
Wash all windows, window sills, vacuum blinds
Sell, donate or dispose of any unnecessary items
Clean, declutter and stage all areas for showing
Clean out and organize closets: create extra space by packing away any clothes or items you will not need again until after you have moved
Ensure all fixtures and appliances are spotless and in good
working condition
Remove extra furniture, worn rugs, and items you do not use;
keep papers, toys, etc. out of sight, especially on stairways Repair any loose doorknobs, cracked molding, leaking taps and toilets, squeaky doors, closets
or screen doors which are off their tracks
Place fresh scented candles, plug-ins or diffusers throughout the house
Secure jewelry, cash, electronics and other valuables
Create a warm, welcoming ambiance and atmosphere
Set the table for a formal dinner to help potential buyers imagine entertaining here
Check for any hidden areas that may accumulate dirt
Clean baseboards and flooring De-clutter and remove countertop appliances
Organize items inside cabinets; pre-pack anything you will not be using before you move
Replace loose caulking or grout Ensure lighting is bright, but soft Stage with fresh towels,
air freshener and candles
Provide strong overhead lighting Ensure energy-saving insulation
is apparent
Ensure air vents are in good working order
Prepare a resource folder with recent utilities, insurance, tax and repair work orders to aid potential buyers
Ensure proper lighting by opening blinds, drapes, etc.
Make up beds with fresh
linens and pillows; put away laundry/clothes
Vacuum all carpeting
Set a pleasant mood with
ambient music
Strategically place fresh flowers
in key areas
Arrange for pets to stay with neighbors during showings
Make sure pet areas are clean
and odor-free
Dispose of all trash in neatly covered bins

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