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  We Believe That Our Business Is About More Than Just Real Estate
It’s About Taking Care of People
 In addition to our Realtor®-Associates’ expertise, Illustrated Properties offers a full suite of resources to cover whatever may arise – before, during, and after closing. Your mortgage, title, insurance, and property management needs can all be handled by our in-house, turn-key service. These experienced partners allow us to close out your deal with speed and efficiency and give you the opportunity to talk to a real person whenever you have a question.
 There are hundreds of mortgage options available to you. Working with Capital Partners Mortgage gives you the opportunity to choose the right one for you and your family. Our strength rests in the knowledge and experience of our loan officers, many of whom have been in the industry for decades.
You can count on our loan officers to be responsive, professional, and readily-available to you for questions and the stress-free completion of your home-buying or refinancing process. We promise to be innovative in our product line and offer competitive pricing while providing a hands-on, personalized approach to meet your individual needs.
Many Florida residents are not aware of their ability to shop around for the best insurance coverage and price, nor do they want to take the time necessary to contact every insurance company and ask for a quote. Keyes Insurance handles that burden for you.
With knowledge only industry experience can earn, we can provide you with an evaluation of the coverage and prices available from a variety of high-quality insurance carriers. From the most appropriate insurance companies, we strive to find the best policy and price to match your particular needs.
In addition to providing competitive solutions, we also allocate time for customer service representatives for our policies to continuously monitor their competitiveness and security. We are committed to providing you quality solutions and building a relationship based on over thirty years of experience at the highest levels.
We pride ourselves on delivering excellent service. Established in 2003, we have served South Florida homeowners for over 15 years. Backed by the strength of the country’s top three underwriters, we are ready to work for you.
HomePartners stays current on all new regulations to guarantee compliance throughout your settlement process. We lead the way in awareness of any other industry changes and make sure every step of your real estate journey is as simple and smooth as possible.
Whether you are a relocating homeowner or a property investor, you need a South Florida property management company with connections, experience, and a dedication to customer service too. Our team is highly trained and backed by a modern approach to record-keeping and accounting.
Choosing to trust your property or properties to Keyes Property Management gives you the assurances that your revenue-generating assets are cared for by South Florida’s most experienced real estate experts. We are strategically located in key communities and work with skilled Realtors® known for producing quality rental leads. Our main goal is to ensure your property continues to generate stress-free returns while reducing your expenses.

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